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Russia loses six warplanes in three days, Ukraine says


Ukraine‘s military claimed on Monday that it had shot down two more Russian warplanes engaged in dropping highly destructive guided aerial bombs on Kyiv’s troops. Army chief Oleksandr Syrskyi reported the destruction of an Su-34 fighter-bomber and an Su-35 fighter on Telegram, without disclosing the specific location where the aircraft were downed. This follows Ukraine’s announcement over the weekend that it had shot down three Russian Su-34s and one Su-35 in the eastern skies.
“In just three days, the enemy lost six aircraft,” remarked Oleksandr Pavliuk, Ukraine’s new ground forces chief, on Telegram.
Russia has not yet responded to the reported downing of warplanes, and Reuters has been unable to independently verify Ukraine’s claims. Despite Moscow’s aerial superiority over Kyiv, Ukraine is utilizing Western air defense systems to counter the threat.
Kyiv has accused Moscow of targeting civilian locations, particularly in the southern Kherson region, using Su-34s. Additionally, Russia is alleged to have attacked Ukraine’s front lines. Russia has consistently denied intentionally targeting civilians, although numerous civilian casualties have occurred in its airstrikes. The situation remains tense, with ongoing military operations and conflicting reports from both sides.