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Junkyard Gem: 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT


Mitsubishi is down to just three models in the United States now: the Eclipse Cross, Mirage and Outlander (and the Outlander is sibling to the Nissan Rogue). Back in its glory days of the 1990s, however, Mitsubishi offered American vehicle shoppers a comprehensive line that included minivans, wagons, sedans of all sizes, pickups, econoboxes, sport coupes, SUVs and an evil-looking sports car called the 3000GT. Today’s Junkyard Gem is a first-generation 3000GT, found in a Northern California wrecking yard.

Known as the Mitsubishi GTO in its homeland, the 3000GT was available in the United States from the 1991 through 1999 model years.

For 1991 through 1996, a Dodge-badged version called the Stealth was sold in North America.

There was a turbocharged all-wheel-drive VR4 version of the 3000GT, but this one is a naturally-aspirated front-wheel-drive base model. The engine is a 3.0-liter DOHC V6 rated at 222 horsepower and 205 pound-feet.

The transmission is a five-speed manual. A four-speed automatic was available for an additional $840 ($1,807 in 2024 dollars).

The MSRP for the base front-wheel-drive 3000GT for 1993 was $23,659, or about $50,893 after inflation. The much faster VR4 listed at $37,250 ($80,128 in today’s money).

This car has had an interesting life, evidence of which can be seen in the replacement VIN tag riveted on by the State of California.

Home-market ads for Japanese cars from this period are more fun than their American counterparts.

It appears that the FWD version didn’t get much attention in TV commercials.

Mitsubishi. The word is getting around.