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The Good Doctor Season 7: Why is ‘The Good Doctor’ ending after seven seasons? Here’s what the creators said


In a surprising turn of events, ABC’s medical drama “The Good Doctor” is set to conclude its journey after seven seasons, leaving fans bewildered and saddened. Despite its stellar performance in the primetime hour during Season 6, the show’s cancellation announcement raised eyebrows. Now, the showrunner offers insights into the dual reasons that contributed to bidding farewell to the dedicated staff at San Jose St. Bonaventure.

Financial Strains and Industry Strikes: Unraveling the Challenges

According to Cinemablend, speculations and rumors surrounding the cancellation hinted at financial troubles, a growing concern affecting several television productions. With tightening budgets impacting casting, production values, and more, even established shows like CBS’ “Blue Bloods” faced cuts ahead of their final seasons. The ripple effect of Hollywood’s dual strikes further exacerbated the situation, causing delays in production starts and truncated seasons.

The Dual Blow: Storytelling Vision and Network Decree

In an unexpected revelation during the Television Critics’ Association winter press tour, showrunner David Shore disclosed that the series’ fate was influenced by a unique combination of factors – the storytelling trajectory and a call from the network. Shore asserted that he had envisioned the show’s ending years ago and was prepared for the network’s inevitable call, allowing the team to conclude the narrative on their terms.

Navigating Challenges: The Unfortunate Blessing

Despite the disappointment stemming from the reduced episode count due to the strikes, Shore expressed a nuanced perspective on the situation. Labeling the year as “weird,” he acknowledged the unfortunate limitation of producing only 10 episodes. However, he emphasized the blessing of being able to conclude the series on their own terms, an uncommon opportunity in the realm of television.

Anticipating the Finale: Closure and Emotional Resonance

As fans brace themselves for the final season’s kickoff, expectations run high for a poignant and fitting finale. With only 10 episodes to navigate the narrative landscape, Shore hinted at a mix of tears and laughter, promising an exciting and emotionally resonant conclusion. The show’s unique circumstances may have curtailed its episode count, but the team remains confident in delivering a satisfying conclusion.

The Farewell Journey: Streaming Options and High Hopes

The final season of “The Good Doctor” is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, embedded within the 2024 TV schedule. Viewers can also catch up on episodes through Hulu’s streaming platform. While the reduced episode count may raise concerns, there is optimism that the series will conclude on a high note, leaving a lasting impact on its dedicated fan base.

As the medical drama bids adieu, the dual reasons behind its cancellation underscore the intricate challenges faced by television productions. “The Good Doctor” leaves behind a legacy of medical storytelling, emotional resonance, and a unique journey that captivated audiences. The finale awaits, promising closure, tears, and a memorable conclusion to a beloved series.


Will The Good Doctor return for Season 7?

The Good Doctor is set to make a return for its seventh and concluding season on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 10/9c, following The Rookie. Notably, The Good Doctor has shifted from its previous Monday night schedule. The final season is planned to include 10 episodes.

Where can I watch The Good Doctor Season 7?

Hulu subscribers have the flexibility to stream all six seasons of The Good Doctor on demand at their convenience. With the return of the show for Season 7, Hulu subscribers can also enjoy access to new episodes the day after they are broadcast on ABC.

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