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Maharashtra Govt Gives Nod To Rs 83,600 Crore Nagpur-Goa Shaktipeeth Expressway


Maharashtra Gives Nod To Rs 83,600 Crore Nagpur-Goa Shaktipeeth Expressway. (Photo: Nagpur Trends)(Representation Image)

It is anticipated that after completion of construction, the trip from Nagpur to Goa will take only 8 hours instead of the current 20.

The Maharashtra government led by Eknath Shinde has approved the construction of the Nagpur-Goa Shaktipeeth Expressway, also called the Shaktipeeth Expressway, making it a reality.

The 760-kilometer, six-lane expressway will link Nagpur, Maharashtra, with Goa. The Shaktipeeth Expressway will be named after the three Shaktipeeths it will pass through: Mahalaxmi, Tuljabhavani, and Patradevi making it Maharashtra’s longest expressway.

The expressway would make it faster to travel between Goa and Nagpur by bypassing congested areas like Mumbai and Pune, as reported by Republic World.

The expressway’s approval marks the start of the land acquisition process, which will be operated and maintained by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation. When it’s completed, the trip from Nagpur to Goa should take only 8 hours instead of the current 20. The benefits of this increased connectivity extend beyond commuters; along its path, it will support and promote industrialisation and job opportunities.

Nagpur-Goa Shaktipeeth Expressway: Here’s More About It

According to the proposed plans, the Nagpur-Goa expressway will pass through 11 Maharashtra districts and one Goa district, passing through Vidarbha, Marathwada, and Western Maharashtra. It will also connect to other major expressways and national highways, improving the region’s overall transportation infrastructure.

The project, which was approved in March 2023, costs Rs 83,600 crore. While no specific deadline for completion has been set, the expressway is expected to be operational by 2028-29.

In addition to facilitating quicker travel, the expressway is anticipated to increase religious tourism because it will make it simpler to visit well-known religious locations like Renuka Mata, Sevagram Ashram, and other temples and gurudwaras located along its path.

According to Nagpur Updates, the Nagpur-Goa Expressway, with its overarching goal of supporting connectivity, tourism, development, and economic growth, has significant potential for the region. The expressway not only promises to transform travel experiences but also represents progress and development in Maharashtra and Goa, reports add.

The establishment of a Green Corridor project has been approved by the state administration. Reportedly, thousands of plants, including trees and shrubs, are planted alongside the highway as part of these initiatives. The state’s economy will benefit from several industrial and agricultural projects that will be established along the way. Job opportunities will increase as a result of the establishment of these multiple centres.

The Goa-Nagpur expressway will be built after the Mumbai-Nagpur highway is finished. The project is being constructed, and after bids are received, a consultant will be selected to manage the undertaking. Once the consultants and tenders have been finalised, construction will commence.