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Superstar Ajith Kumar Surprises Fellow Rider with a Rs 12.5 Lakh Superbike Gift


Last Updated: May 24, 2023, 19:05 IST

Ajith Kumar gifts ₹12.5 lakh bike to fellow rider who organised his Nepal trip (Photo: India Times)

The biking enthusiast, Ajith Kumar, recently completed his bike tour across India, Nepal, and Bhutan, leaving a trail of adventure in his wake

In a heartwarming gesture, the renowned Tamil actor Ajith Kumar, who recently embarked on a biking expedition across India, Nepal, Bhutan, and parts of Europe, surprised his fellow rider Sugat Satpathy with a lavish gift. As a token of gratitude for organizing Ajith’s recent Nepal tour, the actor presented Sugat with a magnificent superbike worth ₹12.5 lakh.

Having successfully completed his biking tour across India earlier this month, Ajith Kumar’s wanderlust shows no signs of waning. This time, he plans to embark on the next leg of his tour in November. However, before setting off on his new adventure, Ajith decided to express his appreciation to Sugat in a remarkable way.

Sugat Satpathy, who took to Instagram to share the news, disclosed that he had organized not one but two bike tours for Ajith. Impressed by Sugat’s dedication and support during their journeys, Ajith felt compelled to reciprocate the kindness. He surprised Sugat with a splendid BMW superbike valued at ₹12.5 lakh.

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Expressing his excitement and gratitude, Sugat wrote, “During the end of the same year [2022], I got super lucky. I would say privileged to get in touch with Mr. Ajith Kumar, who is one of the biggest superstars of the Tamil movie industry. Also an avid biker, who rides an Adventure bike with pure class. Later, I organized a complete North-east tour for him and was riding with him on my trustworthy years-old Duke 390. Following the ride, he promised of doing one more tour of Nepal n Bhutan with me (part of his world tour plan). Which we completed Recently on 6th of May. Throughout the ride, we created many unforgettable memories, rode incredible miles, witnessed many beautiful sunsets and sunrises.”

Highlighting the significance of the gifted superbike, Sugat added, “This F850gs right here means so much to me rather than being just a motorcycle. It is gifted to me by him. YES! IT’S A GIFT. from Anna to me, with lots of love. He didn’t think twice. He just wanted me to have this beautiful-looking F850GS, capable enough to explore the globe. Words will fall short of the role this person has in my life, but yes, we vibe the same tribe. He made me feel more like an elder brother who wishes only and only the best for me and expecting nothing in return. You’re the best, Anna.”

The BMW F850gs, known for its power and elegance, has a starting price of approximately ₹12.5 lakh. The superbike is a fitting tribute to the camaraderie and deep bond shared between Ajith Kumar and Sugat Satpathy.

Meanwhile, fans eagerly await Ajith’s upcoming Tamil film, Vidaamuyarchi, as the superstar prepares to commence work on this highly anticipated project.


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