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Why did Naatu Naatu singer Kaala Bhairava apologise days after Oscar win for RRR song? Know here

Image Source : TWITTER/@KAALABHAIRAVA7 Kaala Bhairava at Oscars 2023

Kaala Bhairava is the voice behind the Oscar-winning song Naatu Naatu, who even sang the song live at the 95th Academy Awards. The entire team of RRR created history by bringing Indian cinema to the International stage. Days after receiving the award for the Best Original Song category, Kaala Bhairava apologised to the fans. It seems that netizens were not happy after Kaala didn’t mention Ram Charan and NTR Jr in his appreciation post.

After winning the award, Kaala took to his Twitter handle and penned a long note, he mentioned the entire team for giving him the opportunity but somehow he missed mentioning the leading actors of the song. He wrote, I want to share something with you all. I feel extremely grateful for having had the invaluable opportunity of representing team RRR and performing at the Oscars for the best original song category. On that note, I want to share with you that it’s only because of a few people who directly or indirectly, but ‘completely’ are the reason for me getting this priceless opportunity which I personally feel is far beyond how much I actually deserve!”

The note further read, “@ssrajamouli Baba, Naanna, @premrakshith_choreographer Master, @sskarthikeya Anna, Amma, and Peddhamma. It’s because of their hard work and workmanship that the song has reached all parts of the world and is making people dance globally and that’s how I got this chance. Also, regarding the glorious run in USA – Dylan, Josh and the whole team with their persistent efforts and dedication, made this possible.”

Reacting to the post, a social media user commented, “So basically NTR and Charan didn’t add any value according to you?” “Where is the credit sharing to Chandrabose garu, Charan and Tarak?” asked a Twitter user. “It’s utter shame Mr Bhairava… I can proudly and confidently say because of NTR and Ramcharan only the song has reached every corner of d world not because of that singing or music, deep down everyone knows this. Major credit goes to SSR who took film to the world stage and heroes,” tweeted another person. “If heroes did not dance, the song wouldn’t have become popular,” read a comment.

After getting questioned about his tweet, the singer shared another tweet on Friday. “I have no doubt Tarak anna and Charan anna are the reason for the success of Naatu Naatu and RRR itself. I was ONLY talking about who all helped me get my opportunity for the academy stage performance. Nothing else. I can see that it was conveyed wrongly and for that, I sincerely apologise for my choice of words,” he wrote.


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