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India’s first Apple Store is coming soon, confirms CEO Tim Cook


India has been a significant market for Apple. In the last four-five years, there has been a lot of emphasis from the company on the Indian market. However, one key aspect of Apple’s overall strategy was missing and that was an actual Apple Store. While it wasn’t a secret as such that Apple had plans to open a store in India, nothing was actually confirmed. Till now that is. Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that Apple is working on opening its first store in India.
During the investors’ call after the announcement of its quarterly results, Cook was asked about how Apple is doing in India. Replying to the question, Cook said that in Apple will “soon bring Apple Retail”, which confirms that India’s first Apple Store will come up.
Apple Stores in Mumbai, New Delhi?
It has been rumoured for a while that Apple will open two stores in India — in New Delhi and Mumbai. Speculation suggests that the Apple Store in Mumbai will be a “flagship” store whereas New Delhi could get a smaller store. As mentioned above, prior to Cook’s comments, Apple has never officially commented on the opening up of Apple Store in India.
The Apple CEO also said that the company had done fairly well during the Covid-19 pandemic in India. “We actually did fairly well through COVID in India and I’m even more bullish now, hopefully on the other side of it. That’s the reason why we are investing there by bringing retail there, bringing the online store there and putting out significant amount of energy there,” he said.
Apple has been hiring for its Retail arm in India for the last several months. There were job listings for Apple Retail for “several locations”, which indicates that there will be more than one Apple Store coming to India. In fact, it was expected that the first Apple Store would have come earlier but the Covid-19 pandemic put a spanner in the works.
Cook also said that Apple has seen a big impact of the Apple Online Store in India. Apple’s Online Store in India came in 2020 and does offer certain benefits when customers buy directly from the platform.
It is expected that the first Apple Store will further give Apple more opportunities and scope to expand and grow its market share in India.