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Rahul Mishra showcases at Paris Haute Couture Week in France


Designer Rahul Mishra presented his latest collection titled ‘Cosmos’ on day one of Paris Haute Couture Week in the French capital. The collection was a fantastical rendering of an underwater kingdom which explored the idea of our place within the cosmos. 

A detail of Mishra’s vision of ‘Cosmos’ – Rahul Mishra- Instagram

On Monday, Mishra returned to Paris Haute Couture Week with a glitteringly surreal womenswear collection, the designer shared with details of the looks on Instagram. The collection explored the idea of the cosmos and humanity’s part within it, Mishra told APF News agency ahead of the show. By ruminating on how a drop of water can encapsulate the entire cosmos, Mishra created the look of an underwater city, complete with 3D embellished fish attached to gowns and swirling galaxies constructed from delicate beadwork. 
Beadwork was a major theme in the collection, including dramatic beaded fringing, glittering panels, and ornate renderings of flora and fauna. Floor length gowns played with proportions including wing style shoulder pads and scale-like leaves. The overall look of the collection was ethereal and full of fantasy. 

The runway show was an invitation-only event but it was also streamed on the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode’s website. Paris Haute Couture Week takes place twice a year and has a roster of exhibiting designers as well as inviting different designers from across the world to showcase as a guest each season. 
“Obviously the cosmos is very, very vast, and the first thing that came to mind was going interstellar,” Mishra told Vogue about his inspiration for the collection. “But what I wanted to do is look down below and look at the seas.”

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