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Mumsnet increases personalisation for 10 million monthly users with Kameleoon


London and Paris, 22 January 2020, Mumsnet, the UK’s most popular website for parents, is improving the experience for its community with innovative personalisation technology from Kameleoon. This technology enables Mumsnet to automate and deliver relevant content and offers to users at key points in their customer journey, based on user behaviour and segmentation.

75% of Mumsnet’s 10 million monthly unique visitors say they visit Mumsnet for advice, and 96% say they trust product recommendations on Mumsnet.

Mumsnet logo

Mumsnet logo

Given the huge amount of content on its site (8.9 million posts on the forum in 2019), Mumsnet is committed to providing a highly relevant personalised experience that helps users to find the answers they’re looking for. This includes offering relevant, targeted content from partners to increase engagement.

Kameleoon’s personalisation platform is now being used to identify when visitors are likely to find particular content and offers helpful, and then providing this to them at the right time.

Since Kameleoon was deployed in July 2019, Mumsnet has seen:

  • an uplift of 89% in CTR after A/B testing the placement of content, deals and promotions, with the knock-on effect of increased engagement, dwell time and page views;
  • an increase in weekly newsletter sign-ups of 38% after testing new user flows.

“At Mumsnet our aim is to make parents’ lives easier – one way we can do this is by sharing information when and where they need it,” said Terence Neil, CRO Manager, Mumsnet. “Helping users starts with understanding their interests, in order to provide the best user experience possible. Using Kameleoon enables us to deliver this successfully at scale. It combines really powerful features with great flexibility and reporting, ensuring that we can serve our audience with the right content at the right time during their journey.”

Kameleoon is a personalisation technology platform for real-time omnichannel optimization and conversion. With features including A/B testing, user segmentation, behaviour tracking and real-time data, Kameleoon helps businesses to increase online conversions and maximize revenue.

“As with all online media companies, Mumsnet understands that delivering a personalized experience is vital to engaging its visitors,” said Jean-René Boidron, CEO, Kameleoon. “Thanks to our personalisation platform it is able to ensure that all its users receive the content and offers they need, when they need it, helping them get the best out of Mumsnet and ensuring the site achieves its performance marketing objectives.”

Other media organizations across Europe that rely on Kameleoon include Le Monde, Axel Springer, RTL, Die Welt and France Televisions.

About Mumsnet
Mumsnet (https://www.mumsnet.com/) is the UK’s largest network for parents, with around 10 million* unique visitors per month clocking up around 100 million page views. It has a network of over 10,000 influencers and its Mumsnet Jobs site, focused on flexible working opportunities, has nearly 30k monthly users. It regularly campaigns on issues including support for families of children with special educational needs, improvements in postnatal and miscarriage care, and freedom of speech on the internet.

*Source: Google Analytics

About Kameleoon
Kameleoon enables brands to create truly individual digital experiences, personalizing the customer journey to maximize engagement and ensure brands reach and exceed their marketing goals.

Its personalisation platform measures visitors’ purchasing intention in real-time and adapts messages, content, navigation and offers on all channels. With features including A/B testing, manual user segmentation, AI predictive targeting, customer behaviour tracking and real-time data, Kameleoon delivers an improved experience for each and every visitor.

Over 450 major companies rely on Kameleoon, making it the top SaaS platform for AI-driven personalisation in Europe. These include leaders in ecommerce and retail (Lidl, Cdiscount, Rakuten), media (Mumsnet, L’Equipe, Axel Springer), travel (SNCF, Campanile, Accor), automotive (Toyota, Renault, Kia) and financial services (Axa, AG2R, Credit Agricole). Kameleoon is achieving annual three figure growth in both customers and revenues.

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