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Wordle November 21: Wordle Today: Answer and hints for Monday, November 21

The start of a brand-new work week provides a new Wordle problem to put your brain to the test. And, as usual, we’re here to give some pointers and ideas to help you find a solution. Our initial suggestion: Remember that the New York Times has introduced a new word list and modified the criteria, so plurals ending in S or ES can never work.

If you are short on time and want to know the answer for today, you may scroll to the bottom of this post to see the November 21 Wordle solution revealed. If you’d prefer to do the job yourself, stay reading for helpful tips, methods, and ideas.

Word puzzle: Is it Raghuram Rajan’s flip-flop, or market’s?

  • Word puzzle: Is it Rajan's flip-flop, or market's?

Word puzzle: Is it Rajan’s flip-flop, or market’s?

The truth, for now, is that Rajan is focusing on whether inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index stabilises at 6 per cent or lower. 

Hint for Wordle #520

Today’s puzzle answer is about truth and logic, including an unusual letter. In addition, there is no same letter in today’s Wordle solution. It is a 5-letter word that begins with the letter A, like in Stray Kids’ “All In.”
It’s finally time to unveil today’s Wordle answer, so make your best guesses now!

Answer for Wordle #520

AXIOM is the answer to Wordle #520. An axiom is a generally accepted and self-evidently true statement.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t figure it out! Tomorrow, there will be a new Wordle problem for you to attempt, and we will be back with additional tips and tactics to assist you.


Is Wordle becoming more difficult?

Though it may appear that solving Wordle’s problems is becoming more challenging, the game is not becoming any more difficult.

What became the Wordle archive?

The whole archive of previous Wordle puzzles was accessible to anybody at any time. Unfortunately, it has vanished, with the website’s owner claiming it was removed at the behest of the New York Times.

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