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Aarvy Healthcare Integrates Mindray Enabled Smart ICU, Deploys M-Connect IT Solutions to Enhance Patient Safety and Enhanced Quality in Healthcare


Intensive Care Units in a hospital are absolute life savers. The advent of smart ICUs has contributed towards a major leap in enabling hospitals to successfully treat and save lives of critical patients. New Gurugram based, Aarvy Healthcare is one such hospital that has been the pioneer in adopting smart patient care. The 200-bed Multi, Super Speciality hospital has proved beyond doubt, that the integration of state-of-the-art, smart ICU has offered renewed hope to critically ill patients. The mix of modern technology as well as right treatment is paving the way for management of such patients in the best possible way ensuring increasingly positive outcomes. 


L-R: Dr. Vivek Saluja, Dr. Surabhi Awasthi, Dr. (Col) Sunil Singh, Dr. Renu Yadav, Dr. Vikram Yadav, Ms. Manju Goyal, Mr. Rajendra Kadam and Ms. Nandini Shukla


Aarvy Healthcare, since its inception in 2021, has offered to its patients, the most advanced therapeutic and diagnostic technologies catering to the treatment modalities in all super specialty streams. Keeping abreast with technology, Aarvy Healthcare has now equipped itself with ultra-modern health technology solutions from Mindray Medical India, a leading global provider of medical device technology solutions provider which specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art diagnostic products for hospitals, chain labs and standalone diagnostic centres. Through the deployment of its M-Connect IT Solutions, Mindray Medical India has enabled smart ICU at Aarvy Healthcare.


The integration of M-Connect IT solution at Aarvy Healthcare, offers an error-free patient-centric approach by connecting bedside devices, ventilators and infusion pumps to a monitoring system that is closely supervised and acted upon in case of any need. The bedside monitoring system has been programmed to integrate all data from various devices. Based on the data integration, care givers are able to go about providing clinical aid wherein diagnosis and treatment are carried out on a zero-error plane.


With its implementation at Aarvy Healthcare, Mindray’s M-Connect’s unmatched capability in supporting patient-centric distributed monitoring has been appropriately showcased. The patient monitor, integrated ventilator, infusion pumps and other monitoring equipment provide caregivers with accurate data and waveform to every area of the department, intra-hospital and even at remote locations so that doctors are able to minutely monitor and immediately act as per the situation and condition of the patient to make sure the right treatment is provided without wasting any time whatsoever.


While monitoring of real time data put out by ventilator indicators help in speedy decisions on apt responses, the varied features lined up by M-Connect allows doctors in gauging the real-time effects of medication, support interaction and also significantly reduce the number of times medical staff enter the wards thus cutting down on risk of infection as well as allowing patients to rest better.


According to Dr. Vikram Yadav, Medical Director and Consultant Surgeon, Aarvy Healthcare, Gurgaon, “Our super-specialty hospital, built and managed by doctors, offers world-class treatment in various disciplines. With new-age smart ICU technologies made possible with the help of M-Connect IT Solutions installed by Mindray, access to real time data on patient conditions and faster intervention by doctors and caregivers have become a reality. With real time patient data accessible anywhere and at any point of time, saving lives have become easier.”


Realising the importance immediate medical response in an ICU, Dr. Renu Yadav, Director & CEO, Aarvy Healthcare, Gurgaon, remarked that “Leveraging M-Connect technology in monitoring and assessing critical patients in ICU has enabled Aarvy Healthcare take a step forward towards upholding its Mission of leading the healthcare industry with innovation as well as provision of compassionate healthcare.” 


“Real time data available round-the-clock helps in avoiding any delay in doctor intervention, thereby ensuring that lives are saved. The M-Connect delivery system has proved to be significantly effective, and it would be good to see it adopted in more hospitals,” Dr. Vivek Saluja, Consultant Anaesthetist, Aarvy Healthcare, added.


The pivotal purpose of Medical Administration is to ensure absolute patient satisfaction at every stage. Enabling smart ICU solutions in the hospital has been a great facilitator in achieving excellent patient feedbacks,” commented Dr. (Col) Sunil Singh, Medical Superintendent, Aarvy Healthcare.


Dr. Surabhi Awasthi, Director ICU & ER, Aarvy Healthcare offering her views stated that “When it comes to handling critical cases in ICU, timely response and round the clock active monitoring is of prime importance. M-Connect IT Solutions and smart ICU integration has certainly provided a vantage point to the doctors and staff enabling them to accurately track and monitor the data of sick patients and provide timely and efficacious treatment modalities.” 


“With hospitals striving for greater efficiency and improved patient care, it has become imperative that technology solutions of the modern day are ushered in. Mindray India has been successful in achieving this with its M-Connect IT Solutions and smart ICU mechanisms. With this now being adopted by various hospitals including Aarvy Healthcare, it has been proved beyond doubt that a connected workflow offers the full potential of patient monitoring so that an utmost efficient system of patient care is ensured,” according to Manju Goyal, Deputy Director, Patient Monitoring & Life Support, Mindray Medical India Pvt Ltd.


M-Connect IT Solutions allows doctors and healthcare givers the capability of accessing patient data anytime anywhere, ensuring enhanced patient safety & quality of healthcare. The integration of the technology at Aarvy Healthcare has proved to be of great value, as it helps doctors with a streamlined workflow starting right from admission to discharge of patients which, in turn, helps them cut down on workload enhancing their efficiency in a bid to save lives.