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praddo: Human Satan Michel Faro Prado, addicted to body modification, now wants claws instead of hands!

Michel Faro Praddo dubbed as ‘Human Satan’ has 85 percent of his body tattooed and has had more than 60 procedures. He is called ‘Diablo’ (Devil) because of his extreme looks created by multiple body modification procedures. He removed his index fingers and now wants to join his index and middle fingers together to have more claw-like hands. His other procedures include a tummy tuck, belly button, and nipple removal.

Family Life, Plans, and Beliefs
Prado’s wife Carol is also heavily modified and has been called ‘Mulher Demonia’ (Demon Woman) by the press. He says he is passionate about bodybuilding but cannot move much when he has had a modification and has to wait for recovery. He also stated that he is studying to do something more aggressive.

Though he wants more modifications to his body, personal issues forced him to stop for a while. However, Mexican Modifier Tattoo Moreno, his personal friend, visited Brazil and offered him a new modification. When Prado removed his ears, he felt he had rescued a part of himself put into a coma by others. His feeling of coming back to life made him want more extreme body modifications.

Though Prado has a devilish appearance, he believes in God as a source of love, wisdom, power, and many attributes that nurture life.


How many modification procedures have Michel Faro Prado had?

Prado has had over 60 body modification procedures.

What are some other modification procedures Prado has had on his facial area?

Prado has horn implants in his forehead and removed parts of his ears and nose. He wears silver dentures.

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