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Donald Trump: Former US President Donald Trump says ‘can declassify documents by thinking about it’

Former US President Donald Trump said he doesn’t have to follow any process as he understood it and could declassify any document just by thinking about it, in a Fox TV’s recent interview.

The current justice department is trying Donald Trump for keeping 100 classified documents with him in his Mar-a-Lago home. The appeals court has just authorised the department of justice to look into the 100 documents. The court claims that Donald Trump just removed the classified documents without declassifying them.

The court believes that if the former US President took the documents home, he needed to declassify them before doing so, but there aren’t any records listing anything of the kind.

The appeals court has granted the Department of Justice permission to investigate whether any necessary documents were taken as part of the Mar-a-Lago seizure. For this, the Department of Justice has been given investigative access to these seizures.

Some of the contents are marked as top secret, but declassifying them won’t change the contents, and they cannot be converted into personal documents.

This interview with Hannity in The Washington Past coincides with a case filed against the former American President for fraud. This case came after three years of inquiry into the finances of his family business. It has been seen that Donald Trump had no regard or secrecy towards essential documents over the years.

The former President kept documents marked as
“secret” and
“top secret,” attracting a criminal investigation due to the possession of sensitive documents. The ruling would also be decided on the obstruction of justice. Many police officers had to wait hours to gain access to Trump’s home despite Trump’s staff being shown the court orders before the search.


  1. Name the biggest drawback of Trump’s rule.
    All climate change-related rules were rolled back, polluters were given relaxation, and more than 100 environmental rules were reversed.
  2. When was Trump born and where?
    Donald Trump was born in New York on June 14th, 1946.

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