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ResMed Announces AwakenYourBest Campaign with Baba Sehgal to Emphasize on Sleeping Well


ResMed, a global leader in digital health, connected sleep and respiratory care devices announced the launch of a new campaign #AwakenYourBest to create awareness about sleep and sleeping disorders that need requisite attention and treatment. Most importantly, #AwakenYourBest aims at minimizing stigma around sleep apnea and making people more conscious about using sleep therapy and devices to overcome the disorder. Adding a zing to this is the widely acclaimed rapper, singer, and musician Baba Sehgal who has created a trendy sleep anthem for this video campaign.


ResMed announces #AwakenYourBest campaign


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According to the Lancet Respiratory Medicine 2019, an estimated 5.4% of all Indians ages 30-69 (28.8 million) have moderate to severe sleep apnea. The level of sleep awareness continues to remain low in a country like India, with only a handful of sleep labs for a population of over 1.3 billion. Thus, with this campaign, ResMed hopes to eradicate the misconceptions around snoring, sleep apnea, and sleeping disorders by educating consumers and doctors about the health benefits and importance of good sleep. Through this #AwakenYourBest, ResMed a pioneer in sleep apnea therapy, will spread awareness amongst Indians, including the medical community with a simple thought that a good sleep is a precursor to a fresh beautiful day – #AwakenYourBest.


Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Seema Arora, Business Head – Consumer & Digital, South Asia, ResMed, said, “Sleep is just as important to your health and happiness as eating healthy food and exercising. You depend on sleep for your physical and mental health. We spend a good one third of our life sleeping yet many people experience inadequate sleep. As per ResMed’s 2022 sleep health survey, 81% of Indians agree that bad sleeping habits can affect the quality of life and said that getting enough sleep was important for keeping their immunity strong. Thus, through #AwakenYourBest our goal is to reach every household and inform them about what is sleep and its related disorders. With this campaign, our approach is consciously quirky and amusing as we want consumer to understand a serious issue in a layman’s language. Therefore, we roped in Baba Sehgal to create a sleep anthem which is massy and educational at the same time.”


The digital ad highlights the importance of a good sleep and how it can make your following day feel fresh, energetic and full of great possibilities. The hook line of the rap Sleep apnea ki ab nahi challey, ResMed home sleep test Balle Balleinspire/motivate people to keep a check on their sleep and make a conscious decision of sleeping right and #AwakenYourBest the next morning. In the video, Baba Sehgal narrates how by sleeping well at night can improve your family time the next day, increase productivity at work and also be more active in your daily routine.


Sharing his experience, Singer and Rapper, Baba Sehgal, commented, “I am delighted to be a part of ResMed’s #AwakenYourBest campaign and join their mission in helping people sleep, breathe, and live healthier lives. This fun and engaging song will help spread the word about the importance of a good night’s sleep and how that can help people become a better version of themselves. Moreover, it will raise awareness, remove the stigma, and bring an attitudinal change towards adopting sleep apnea therapy.”


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