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Online Marketplace for Preloved Books "What's In Your Story" Inaugurated During the Mysuru Startup Pavilion


What’s In Your Story‘ an unique online marketplace for preloved books got launched during the Mysuru Startup Pavilion event held in Mysuru on 5th August 2022 by Mr. Suresh Sethi – Managing Director and CEO of Protean eGov Technologies Ltd.

L to R: Rakesh Prasad, Mr. Suresh Sethi – MD & CEO, Protean eGov Technologies Limited, Ms. Khushi Joshi – Founder & CEO, Whats In Your Story, Aditya Pankar, Bhawana D. C.

Whats In Your Story (WIYS) is an online marketplace where circulating libraries, book stores, and individuals can buy, sell and rent pre-loved books. WIYS is a first-of-its-kind initiative with an incredibly user-friendly interface. Post registration on the website, the prompts will guide you to your desired transaction. In case of any issues, they have a responsive customer support team for immediate assistance. Users can contact them via their website www.whatsinyourstory.com or Instagram @whatsinyourstory for a quick resolution.

On the success of the launch, Mr. Suresh Sethi, MD & CEO, Protean eGov Technologies Ltd. congratulated the WIYS team and said, “It is a brilliant and pioneering initiative to leverage technology to unlock “stores of knowledge” and connect the knowledge seekers with knowledge providers. In an era when remote learning has become part of the new normal, this model connects the physical with the digital. The WIYS team has intelligently used technology to promote sustainability. I wish them success as they start their journey.

Every year millions of trees are cut down to make paper, WIYS’s vision is to promote the love for reading sustainably. Using pre-loved books WIYS aims to create value for the sacrifice of each tree cut down to make a book.

India has seen a surging demand for second-hand books due to their affordability and the rise in sustainable practices worldwide. Though this demand is enormous, there isn’t a one-stop solution for readers to access these second-hand or pre-loved books. Also, the pandemic has terribly impacted small circulating libraries, during which many libraries had to shut down. By partnering with local libraries, WIYS also hopes to rekindle the relationship between readers and local libraries, while also giving any individual who wants to sell their books the chance to do so on an accessible platform.

WIYS hopes to assist small libraries while providing everyone with simple and quick means to obtain the books they want to read or to sell the ones they have already read. Accessibility and affordability are two other pre-existing issues with academic books from competitive examinations to general academia that WIYS aims to resolve in the near future with pre-loved books,” said Ms. Khushi Joshi, Founder of What’s In Your Story.

Novels, academic works, and everything in between are all included in WIYS. We feature an extensive library of pre-loved books in practically every category. Come and experience the passion of reading a good book with WIYS,” further added, Mr. Aditya Pankar, Project Lead, What’s In Your Story.

Apart from this, WIYS is also a platform that offers business solutions. It is now developing Indias first PHYGITAL library, which will address the concerns of schools with a cutting-edge library system with space usage, book updating and selection, and inventory management.