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CHOSEN Store Celebrates 2 Years Exclusive Retail Agreement with Horphag Research for Pycnogenol in India


  • Launches 10 SKUs across Oral and Topical offerings

  • Pycnogenol is a super antioxidant, 20X more than Vit C and 50X more than Vit E


Chennai-based CHOSEN, one of India’s leading cosmetics retail stores, completed 2 fruitful years of collaboration with Switzerland-based Horphag Research to retail and formulate Pycnogenol based products in India. Horphag Research is the exclusive worldwide supplier of Pycnogenol. Pycnogenol is a proprietary natural supplement made exclusively from French Maritime Pine bark extract. This raw material is primarily used in topical and oral products in India.


CHOSEN store wide range of products formulated with Pycnogenol


CHOSEN, after its tie-up, has launched an entire range of cosmetic products, which includes 10 SKUs spanning oral and topical offerings. For those who prefer to boost their skin routine with oral cosmetics, CHOSEN offers 25 mg and 50 mg Pycnogenol capsules in 5 SKUs.


Pycnogenol is considered as a super antioxidant and is the next big thing in skin care. Its antioxidant capacity is considered 20X more than that of vitamin C and 50X more powerful than vitamin E,” said Punitha Vijaykrishnan, Head of Outreach Marketing, CHOSEN Store.


We need to create more awareness of this powerful antioxidant as it is fairly unknown to the public at large. Indian climate is very harsh on the skin, and with harmful UV rays, one must always be protected by applying sunscreen lotions or creams. We would recommend to the public to check the ingredients and buy products that have authentic Pycnogenol,” said Punitha Vijaykrishnan.


Know more about Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol falls into the category of products called oral cosmetics, which brings about skin improvement through oral intake. Extracted from French maritime Pine bark extracts, Pycnogenol is also a great antioxidant for topical use. With over 160+ clinical studies and 450 publications in over 12,000 subjects, this is truly one of the most widely researched and studied antioxidants, both in terms of safety and efficacy.


By bringing Pycnogenol to India and providing multiple products that can deliver the benefits both topically and orally, CHOSEN store is best positioned to serve the Indian customer who wants to have international skin care right here in India.


With 3 serums fortified with Pycnogenol, a Sunscreen called SAFESCREEN™ Charminar, and White Pine Oral Capsules CHOSEN has the widest range of Pycnogenol offerings world over, containing Pycnogenol – in both topical and oral formulations.


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At CHOSEN®, they apply the power of science to do good and look good. It takes them years of research and testing, engaging some of the best minds in the field. Only then do they have a product that meets the standards that CHOSEN has set for themselves. CHOSEN is committed to creating and offering unique products with performing ingredients. What really sets CHOSEN apart is the knowledge gained from clinical experience that helps them deliver high-performance products.