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Sheopals care for you and so do Nature


Our hair needs very little to be healthy. A minimal routine of daily cleansing, regular hydration, and weekly oiling covers all the basic needs. What makes this routine even more impactful is the right ingredients because what you put on your hair will reflect on your scalp health

A combination of a healthy diet and natural hair care products can go a long way in nourishing your scalp—Sheopals Products helps you meet these hair care needs. The founder MR. Mool and Mrs. Madhu Meena created a range of natural hair care after a series of bad reactions from the prolonged use of hazardous products. The Couple says, “Sheopals finds its roots blooming out of personal experiences, we suffered the cons of chemical-infused products which drastically worsened my sensitive scalp and hair during my teens. MR. Mool used to remember how his father MR. Sheopal used natural herbs and remedies for him and his wife in earlier days so they decided to pass these ayurvedic remedies to all others in form of their brand Sheopals. The only way out from these problems were the traditional home remedies—the most potent hair caretakers we have ever come across. We wanted to encompass the same potency in our handcrafted products hence, Sheopals is a representation of the same cherishing tradition we have had for a long time”.


We as a couple see these problems are not only ours but also for you and other people And, we use Ayurveda in every form to battle these chemically consumed products. We have so many home-based remedies which are extracted from pure plants; these are very effective for haircare and skincare, and Sheopals will provide these remedies to everyone.

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