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nitu chandra: Nitu Chandra on wearing a saree at the premiere of her debut Hollywood movie: I carry my India wherever I go | English Movie News

Indian actress Nitu Chandra Srivastava took a big stride with her recent Hollywood debut ‘Never Back Down: Revolt’ and marked her presence at the film’s premiere in a sparkling saree. The actress was lauded for her choice of outfit and Nitu has revealed why she opted for six yards of grace for the big day.


Nitu Chandra on wearing Saree for the premiere of her Hollywood film – Never Back Down Revolt’ shared, “I carry my India wherever I go and that is why I chose to wear a saree for the premiere of my first Hollywood film. I wanted to carry my saree in a modern way. I believe the more rooted we are, the more global we would be!” ‘Never Back Down: Revolt’ stars Nitu in the role of a fighter who is kidnapped and forced to battle in cut-throat underground fights to win her liberty against a gang who runs the fight trafficking ring. Nitu bagged the role of Jaya in this action entertainer, thanks to her martial art skills. Directed by Kellie Madison, the film also stars Olivia Popica and Michael Bisping.

Nitu Chandra is known for her performance in films like ‘Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! and ‘13B’. She was also the producer of National Award winning ‘Mithila Makhaan’, a Maithili language movie.


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