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Fujikura launches new line of high-precision LDF cleavers


London UK December 1st, 2014 Fujikura launches a new line of high precision large diameter fibre (LDF) cleavers designed for fusion splicing and glass processing preparation.

The Fujikura CT- 105/106 are the first devices for Fujikura in the range  to go on sale, and will provide advanced cleaving solutions for end-users in fibre laser and optical fibre sensor applications  – across the oil and gas, university, R&D, submarine cabling, defence, optical components and medical markets.

Fujikura CT-105

Fujikura CT-105

The new cleavers offer high precision LDF capability – applicable from 80 up to 1,250 μm diameter fibres, and can perform both flat and angled cleaves to a precision that tops anything available on the market. High precision angled cleaving functionality is provided by the CT-106 with cleaving angles of 0-15°. 

“This unique and patent-pending product delivers outstanding cleaving performance and is in-line with Fujikura’s mission to produce only the highest quality equipment at the forefront of technology excellence and innovation,” Neil Bessant, Fusion Splicer division Manager of Fujikura Europe said.  “Our products are engineered with a robust set of features that offer customers technology and reliability whilst providing excellent value.”

The LDF cleavers provide advanced capabilities including extensive programmable features to ensure optimal and consistent results. Such features include: a programmable automatic clamp function, an angle cleaving function, storage for up to 100 program modes, a blade life of 20,000 cleaves with a cladding diameter of 125 μm and a colour LCD monitor. Applicable optical fibres include not only solid glass optical fibres, but also microstructured fibres and capillaries.

With the launch of the new CT-105/106, Fujikura extends solutions in LDF fibre splicing and glass processing preparation. This complimentary equipment to the Fujikura ARCMaster™  fusion splicers (FSM-100 series) and LAZERMaster™, CO2 laser splicer (LZM-100) continues to support customers in their fibre shaping applications.

For more information on Fujikura’s products and services, please visit www.fujikura.co.uk. 


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About Fujikura
Established in 1885, Fujikura is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of communication and electronics products. The company offers a diverse product range from its core business of electric wire and cables to fibre optic and related products. The Fujikura name has become synonymous with fibre optic Fusion Splicers and the company is the world’s leading global supplier.

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