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Luxury brand Prada organises crossover campaign at Shanghai wet market | Life


Luxury Italian brand Prada embarked on a crossover campaign with a Shanghai market. — Picture via Twitter/ @MissXQ

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 — A wet market in Shanghai has gone viral on social media for bagging produce in Prada packaging.

Global Times reported that Wuzhong market in Xuhui district saw hordes of influencers visiting to take photos, livestreaming and posing with produce during the recent National Day holidays.

Products sold at the market were wrapped in paper printed with the brand name.

Shoppers were also given a paper bag with the Prada logo when they purchased more than 20 yuan (RM12.93) worth of items.

The campaign which ended on Sunday, was part of the Italian fashion luxury brand’s crossover campaign. 

During the campaign, which began last month, it was not vegetables that customers were looking for — it was the packaging and bags with the brand’s logo.

A shopper, identified by his surname Wang, said that the bags were not available elsewhere even if you paid 50 yuan (RM32.32) elsewhere.

The campaign has brought brisk business to the market, with more visitors than ever before.

“Now it has attracted more young people,” a shopper surnamed Liu reportedly said.

“I am happy to see that the campaign has turned the grocery market into an art gallery, making shopping for groceries a spiritual enjoyment. . 

“You see the asparagus and celery in the beautiful wrappings. They are just like pieces of art.”

A vegetable seller, however, was not happy with the campaign.

“I hope it can come to an end sooner rather than later. 

“Sales haven’t grown much,” he said. 

“Most people come for pictures but few people actually buy anything. 

“They also love to throw the vegetables away.”

The popularity of the market during the campaign is understandable with the insatiable craving for luxury among the Chinese. 

Sales of Prada in the Chinese mainland grew an impressive 77 per cent this year, according to the financial results of the group ending June 30.


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