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Column: Disruption energizing innovation


If we weren’t familiar with the notion of disruption in the past, we certainly are now.  With the onset of COVID-19, virtually every aspect of our lives has been interrupted, challenged, or altered over the past 18 months. And we don’t like it. We don’t appreciate and respect radical change or even change at all. Generally speaking, we are happy with things the way they are. But if we do have to change, we do so reluctantly and slowly.

But not all disruption is negative. One need not look beyond our own region for rock-solid evidence of this. Indeed, the discovery of the Trenton Gas Field in 1876 in East Central Indiana radically altered the trajectory of the local economy and significantly improved the quality of life for the region. Transitioning from wood to coal to this new energy source created new opportunities and fostered innovation at an unprecedented level and pace. As a result, a new economic boom was launched: a boom that lasted more than 100 years.


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